Wednesday, June 20, 2012

140 miles on a charge!

Wow.  It's been nearly a year since my last post.  My car has been running relatively trouble free so not much to say.  I have purchased a new Elcon 4000 charger that pushes 31amps @ 220v AC.  I like it much better than my old Elcon3000 charger as it has two fans and does not get hot at all.  It barely gets warm.  If you have the room for this, it is a much better choice.  With my old Elcon3000 I was always nervous about closing my fiberglass trunk lid over the charger as it got very hot.  Now no worries

I also made a J1772 adapter for my car (which I never use). 
Here's a shot of my trunk with its new add ons.           

I had to run a few errands on Saturday and I noticed I was running very efficiently at about 1.3 Ah/mile. So... I decided to do a long distance maximum range test.

This was mostly Freeway driving @ 65mph driving like a granny not 75-80 like I usually drive. At the end of the test, I was driving around my neighborhood with a volt meter attached to my windshield wiper connected to my cell #25. This is my lowest capacity cell from prior tests. I also wanted to see how the voltage sagged on that cell when I was accelerating. Cell #25 sagged to 2.25v under 50amp load at the end of my trip. As soon as I pulled into my garage, I checked cell voltages and #25 was up to 2.41v. This was a little further than I had intended to go but I was so close to my house. :-) 
Cell voltages ranged from 2.71v to 2.41v with an average of 2.62v.
I got exactly 140 miles using 194.2 Ah (Actually it is more like 137 miles as my tachometer is off a little with my smaller diameter Bridgestone Ecopia tires.)
That's 1.387 Ah/mile and 168.4 Wh/mile with a 2,300lb car.

What's really great is in 100 miles I will have 18,000 miles on my battery pack and I still have almost full capacity!

I wanted to see if I could compete in the ENDURO run being planned for EVCCON 2012. However, as it turns out, I will be hiking in the Grand Canyon with my wife in September. The hiking group we belong to has planned a big trip in September and since my kids are both off to college I am trying to find things that my wife and I can do together that we both enjoy.  (The empty nest has its challenges)

So... next year for sure.
Here's proof of my drive (or stupidity)
I have almost 18,000 miles on the car.  I average 1.82Ah/mile = 221 Wh/mile
Highest 2.29Ah/mile = 278Wh/mile
Lowest 1.13Ah/mile = 137.2 Wh/mile
The 914 is a fairly aerodynamic car so I can do a little better than the "Rule of thumb" of
1 Wh/mile for every 100lbs of car but it depends on how I drive.

So as of June 20th, 2012:

Using 38 200Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Voltronics batteries from Flux Power.
Nominal Pack Voltage of 121.6
Top speed 107mph
Max miles on a charge 140 (137 )
EV miles traveled 18,000 (almost)
Gross weight 2308
Charge time after my 45 mile commute is about 3 hrs. @ 31.1amps

Here's a rear shot of my license plate frame and bumper sticker.  The license number is a forgery. Ha Ha!

Brian Galleger of Andromeda continues to work on his Display I have the first version in my car.  His new display will have more features including touch screen an Ah counter and better graphics. 


  1. That is fabulous range on the car! It is good to know that your see a big improvement with the new charger.

    I guess you will be looking to start another project soon?

    1. Hi Christopher, I currently have 2 kids in college and not as much disposable income for another project. Maybe in a few years. :-)

  2. Hey Richard,
    Mark Bush here I was able to get from Delhi to Sonora, a 1340 ft climb, using 97Ah. I left with 200Ah and arrived with 103Ah left ... boy bottom balancing really works. Did I mention that was a 64mi run uphill! email me