Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dash light

The Link pro meter by Xantrax does not light up at night unless you manually press on the meter. You can program it to have the light on all the time but this would be on 24/7. I added a blue LED strip to light up the instrument panel so I can see the Link Pro Meter at night. I like the look but may need to tone it down a bit as it's a little bright. I need to paint my dash panel flat black to reduce reflections. It is also a source of glare when the sun is reflecting off of it.

Dynamometer Results

I was lucky to get the opportunity to have my car tested on a Dynamometer this week. I felt a little embarassed as my car has a whimpy 50 HP motor and this place had mostly muscle cars and sports cars with 10 times my horse power. However, it was great to verify the HPEV motor results. My results were very much the same as what they have posted. My peak HP was 51.5 HP with max torque of 90ft lbs. 3480RPM is about the peak of the power curve for my results. HPEV results peak power was around 3200-3400RPM. Looking at the Porsche 901 transmission data for MPH @ RPM for the different gears the data suggests my best shift speeds are as follows:
------------------------------- Stock 901 transmission gears
1st 18 mph @ 3500 RPM --------- gear ratio is 3.091: 1
2nd 30 mph is @ 3500 RPM ------gear ratio is 1.889: 1
3rd 44 mph is @ 3500 RPM ------gear ratio is 1.261: 1
4th 60 mph is @ 3500 RPM ------gear ratio is 0.926: 1
5th 80 mph is @ 3500 RPM ------gear ratio is: 0.710: 1

My driving experience is 1st 0 -25mph, 2nd 0-35 mph, 3rd 30-55 mph, 4th 55-75, 5th 70-95 4th and 5th vary depending on the terrain (steep hills are tough in 5th) 4th gear does pretty good on the hills on the freeway. I can start in 2nd gear but 1st gives better off the line performance.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quieting the Beast

I now have 2100 miles on the car. However driving in a 37 year old car has a problem with road noise. Especially when I removed a lot of the insulation to reduce weight. So... I am now adding weight back into the car to Quiet the Beast.