Friday, July 15, 2011

Recent stats

Here's some of my recent statistics.  On July 10th,  I ended up needing to drive the car a bit farther than usual.  SO I decided to do a bottom balance as recommended by Jack Rickard.   SO I drove the car and checked my cells and drove and checked and drove and checked.  I used up 194 amp hrs on my 200Ah batteries.  At this point I had gone 117.4 miles!  I decided to use my ceramic heater to drain the pack further as that only draws about 13amps.  I got all the cells to balance at 2.96 V each.  This was a big pain in the butt but I did it.
  Now the theory is... if I ever drive the car down to its limits (which I do not plan on doing), all cells will be even and dropping over the discharge curve cliff at the same time and they all will be too weak to push any cell into cell reversal.  The car will just stop.  Not that I would ever want to test this. :-)

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  1. Hi Richard,
    I saw your comment on Jack's blog about your contactor buzzing. Since Jack doesn't want me posting on his blog because I won't tell him my true identity I thought I'd just answer here.
    I had a very loud buzzing with my first contactor. HPEV's said they do that sometimes but sent me a new one which was much quieter, you have to get very close to hear it. I've had Code 38 show up a few times but it was erroneous and the contactor is still working. I have had occasional controller shut downs during regen, they are random and rare, but might be a result of the contactor not holding during current reversal, don't really know.