Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CostCo gas line

EV Grin...  I was parked in the CostCo parking lot today.  I took this shot of the car when I noticed what was in the background.  People waiting in line to pay 4.00/gallon for gas.

I am still working on my ceramic heater (Almost done).

A few days ago I took the car out on the freeway and got it up to 102 MPH (not a super smart thing to do with tires inflated to 42PSI.)  A week ago I drove the car 82 miles and used only 160.4 amphours on my 200 Ah batteries.  I now have over 4,100 electric miles on the car and I am very happy with what this car will do.  My typical commute to work is 45 miles round trip.  No range anxiety here.

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