Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sean and I did a trial run on mating the transmission to the motor and installing the monster in the car.
Here the motor ring is attached to the motor.  The adaptor plate and Hub assembly are sitting on the cart.  Next the adaptor plate and hub are installed.  Getting the hub to rest in the correct spot so the flywheel spacing was correct was a challenge.  Next installed the throw out bearing and shift fork with new plastic bushings to the tranny.  Here flywheel clutch and pressure plate are mounted to the motor. Finally, we mated the motor with flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate to the transmission.

Unfortunately the motor mount (which was for an Advanced DC 9" motor) did not work for the AC motor I am using from High Performance Golf cars.  The bolt holes did not line up.
It was a trial run but I was a little disappointed.


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  2. Hey Richard,

    Your motor mount inspired me to fabricate my own:

    But then I ran into the same issue with mounting hole orientation with the CanEV Porsche 914 adapter.
    The motor holes are offset by about 15 degrees from the transmission mounting holes.

    Looking at the picture, I thought I could just drill some new holes with the proper offset, but Randy at CanEV informs me that the newer adapter has cast lugs for the motor, and new holes can't be drilled (check the Beetle adapter:

    So what motor/trans adapter did you use? I didn't find any mention in your blog!